The first draft of the 2018 LFCC Schedule is here!

We're doing things a bit differently this year. We want to get the schedule to you as quickly as possible, and we know there are always last minute tweaks that need making, so we're sharing this draft version with you.

Please don't make final plans based on this schedule.

The full and master version will go up this Monday with suggested batches for the AM and PM shoots.

As you will see a number of the big guests have two photo shoots, an AM and a PM shoot, on the master version being posted on Monday we will try to give an estimate of which batches will be called in the AM shoot.


Diamond Pass Guests: Diamond pass holders will be called in first, this will be in pass order (the passes will have numbers on them). Then Gold Pass holders will be called.

Gold Pass Holders: If there are more than 50 of you we will have to look at calling you in ticket batch order, you will still go in before the standard pass holders, just in batch order within the gold pass holders.

As usual, those called in the AM shoot can still join the PM shoot if they can't make it.


Click the links below to see the DRAFT SCHEDULE - and remember the MASTER schedule will go live on Monday!





Last year’s London Film and Comic Con gave us a new and improved Comic Zone, organised by #1 New York Times Bestselling writer and long-time comic creator Tony Lee - and this year we intend to keep on improving, with the addition of the first ever London Film and Comic Con Symposium.

‘One thing I didn’t have time to do last year was find a way of thanking the Artists Alley for the support they give the convention every year', Tony explained. ‘The Symposium is a large step towards that.’

With an ‘Artists Alley’ page now on the London Film and Comic Con website, Tony’s plans for a Symposium at the upcoming convention are also coming to fruition. A series of ‘micro-lectures’ given throughout the weekend, each one no longer than twenty minutes in length, limited attendance and given by some of the top professionals in the industry today, with speakers including Dan Slott, Frazer Irving, Mark Buckingham, Rachael Stott, Kieron Gillen, Simon Bisley and many others, the Symposium is targeted purely towards people looking for their next step in comics.

‘Many of our Artists Alley are people who want a career in comics and graphic novels,’ Tony continued. ‘This Symposium gives them the opportunity to see accomplished veterans provide almost one-on-one education to them on subjects that range from an artist explaining how to draw a face, or a writer showing how to write an exciting action scene - all the way to editors telling you exactly what they want from a pitch document. A skillset that anyone who wants to work in comics needs, and totally free to any of the Artists Alley exhibitors who want to attend.’
Although primarily aimed at the Artists Alley, there will also be a limited amount of seats open to the public for each talk, given on a list basis - and again, completely free of charge for all attendees.

‘We’re making it clear right now - all Comic Zone panels and talks are FREE. Want to see your favourite creator in a panel? Just come in to the panel room at the start, and take a seat. And if you want to attend a particular Symposium talk, give your name to the doorkeeper beforehand and if there’s space you’ll get in.’

Schedules for both the Panel Room and the London Film and Comic Con Symposium will be announced closer to the event.

Here at London Film and Comic Con, we have the wonderful James Caan coming to meet his fans.

Here at LFCC we have the wonderful David Duchovny. Fans of sci-fi series The X Files will remember him as ‘Spooky’ Fox Mulder.

Katie Leung is taking time out of her busy schedule to come and meet her fans here at LFCC 2018.

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