Newbury & Hobbes, It Came! Hope Falls

Appearing All Days

Artist Dan Boultwood has worked on projects for SONY, WARNER BROTHERS, BUDWEISER and EIDOS, including ‘Timesplitters 2’.

In addition to 'Danger Academy', within comics he co-created ‘The Gloom’ and ‘Agent Mom' (MTV), ‘Hope Falls’ (Markosia), ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Irregulars’ and ‘Horowitz Horrors’ (Hachette Books), and ‘The Prince Of Baghdad’ (DFC / Random House). Additional work includes 'Starship Troopers' (SONY / Markosia) and 'Phonogram' (Image Comics).

He also created ‘It Came’ for Titan Books, ‘Haggis and Quail’ and ‘Squid Squad’ for The Phoenix Magazine (David Fickling Books) and is the adaptor of the ‘Dirk Lloyd’ books, beginning with ‘Dark Lord, the Teenage Years’. Also a one-time editor for Titan, he has recently released Newbury & Hobbes with writer George Mann.




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