John Barrowman is one of those actors who always makes an impression. From his humble beginnings in The Untouchables, he has blasted his way onto our TV screens. 
The role that perhaps cemented him as a national treasure (he’s from Scotland originally so it totally counts!) is that of Captain Jack Harkness. Jack started out in Doctor Who, charming his way across the universe and getting into some epic trouble with The Doctor and his companions. 
He then spun off into his own show, Torchwood, and put together a close-knit and much loved team who helped to defend the planet from alien attack in The Doctor’s absence. Jack has seen team members come and go, most under tragic circumstances - such is the hazard of being immortal. 
Barrowman also appeared in Desperate Housewives in the recurring role of Patrick Logan, both charming and dangerous, as so many in the show are.
His most recent roles are in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. He plays the evil/kind of good Malcolm Merlyn in all three series. Bad guy/uneasy ally of team Arrow, Malcolm is a complex character with a long back story. Love him or hate him, Barrowman is doing a brilliant job as Malcolm. 
Because we are all so amazing here at team Showmasters, we’ve managed to bag John Barrowman at London Film and Comic Con 2019 for all you lovely fans. He is joining us from the 26th to the 28th July, so you’ve got three whole days to meet him
Grab yourself a photo and an auto, a seat at his talk, and a photo shoot with him in his Captain Jack Harkness costume. He is a diamond pass guest, and buying a pass will guarantee you one standard photo shoot, an autograph, an exclusive gift, and if you choose the Saturday only option, a priority seat at his talk. Don’t delay, grab a ticket today!
By Danielle Allen

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