We are very excited to announce that we have Robert Carlyle joining us here at London Film and Comic con 2019. Robert is an extremely rare guest and has an extensive career, with something for everyone. 
Starting out with small parts in TV shows like The Bill and Taggart, Robert soon made an impression on film fans with his role as Begbie in Trainspotting. Begbie was one of the most unpleasant and least sympathetic characters to hit screens for a while, and Robert did a brilliant job of making us all hate him. He reprised the role in T2 Trainspotting in 2017 and blew us all away again. 
He then appeared in Carla’s Song, written by Paul Laverty and directed by Ken Loach. It follows bus driver George Lennox as he meets Carla, a Nicaraguan exile living in Glasgow. Crittically aclaimed and beautifully acted, this is a must-see film. 
Following this we have Hamish Macbeth, in which he played the main character. Robert then found film success with a string of roles in films like The Full Monty, Ravenous, The World Is Not Enough, The Beach, The 51st State and 28 Weeks Later. 
Robert returned to TV in Stargate spin off Stargate Universe as Dr Nicholas Rush. A complex character, Rush is both loved and hated by fans alike, and does some pretty iffy things during his time with the stranded crew. 
Robert also stars in popular TV show Once Upon a Time as Mr Gold AKA Rumplestiltskin, again a character who makes you feel both sad and a bit creeped out at the same time. Many of the characters in the show, including Rumplestiltskin, have several incarnations from different times and worlds, which makes for some interesting viewing! 
Robert is joining us at LFCC on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2019. He is a diamond pass guest and one we expect to sell out fast due to his rare appearance at conventions, so grab yourself a pass for a guaranteed autograph and photo shoot, as well as a priority talk ticket for Saturday and an exclusive gift. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet this amazing guest.
By Danielle Allen

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