Batman, Green Arrow, Creator of Black Lightning

Trevor Von Eeden started in comics at 16, when DC Comics editor Jack C. Harris hired him to illustrate prototype assignments with the Legion of Super-Heroes and Weird War Tales. Soon after, Von Eeden was officially hired to design and draw the company’s first African-American superhero to have his own title, Black Lightning.

In 1977, he began drawing the Green Arrow backup feature in World’s Finest Comics and co-created the Count Vertigo character with Gerry Conway in World’s Finest Comics #251.

He moved to Marvel Comics in 1979, pencilling Power Man and Iron Fist and Spider-Woman.

Returning to DC, he drew Green Arrow in World’s Finest Comics and Detective Comics. With Mike W. Barr, he drew Batman Annual #8 and a Green Arrow miniseries.

In 1983, Von Eeden and writer Robert Loren Fleming created the DC series Thriller, an action-adventure story that allowed him room to experiment.

“Venom”, the fourth story arc in the Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight series, was drawn by Von Eeden, Russell Braun, and José Luis García-López. Von Eeden drew a Black Canary limited series, as well as an ongoing series featuring the character.

In 2001 Von Eeden returned to Batman, penciling the five-issue storyline “Grimm” in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #149-153. He also illustrated a series of short stories, “Joe In The Future”, published in Heavy Metal.

In 2007 Von Eeden began writing and drawing The Original Johnson, a biography of the boxer Jack Johnson. The 242-page graphic novel was serialized in weekly online installments at ComicMix, and was completed in 2009. IDW issued the series as a two-volume set in 2010 and 2011.

He provided illustrations for the text story “The Holo-Marketeer” for Heavy Metal and designed and illustrated superhero comics produced for The National Hockey League by Stan Lee. He later illustrated four issues of Gateway Comics’ Stalker.


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