Neon Skies, Vikings

Ciarán Marcantonio is a comic book writer and editor who’s been working independently since 2012. 

He is the writer of the bestselling cyberpunk nightmare graphic novel and winner of 3 ICN Awards “Neon Skies”, the steampunk epic “A Clockwork Universe” and wasteland horror “Red Sands” for Rogue Comics. 

He’s also written all-ages superhero book “The Stoat” for Buttonpress Publications. In the UK he has also written for Professor Elemental Comics.

He’s currently the Editor In Chief of Black Sheep Comics which he founded in partnership with The Irish Writers Centre in 2018. 

Ciarán was previously best known as the former Editor In Chief of Rogue Comics Ireland and former Managing Editor of Lightning Strike Comics.

Ciarán is also an avid podcaster as a member of the award winning show the ComicCityCast. He has also appeared in several film and TV productions, most notably the History Channel's VIKINGS.

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @Ciaronious / @NeonSkiesComic 

Instagram: @Ciaronious / @NeonSkiesComic 

Facebook: @CiaranMarcantonioWriter


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