Star Wars, Wicked + Divine, DIE

Kieron Gillen came to wider attention as a comic writer with his 2006 collaboration with Jamie McKelvie, Phonogram. Since then, his career has straddled the superheroic mainstream and his own creations.

When playing with other people's toys, his credits include Darth Vader, Star Wars, Iron Man, Thor, Uncanny X-men, Journey Into Mystery and the GLAAD-award winning Young Avengers.

His own toys include Three, Uber, Mercury Heat, the award-winning commercial pop-juggernaut The Wicked + the Divine and his most recent critically acclaimed RPG-related series DIE.

Kieron Gillen is physically based in London, intellectually based in a marriage of the existentialist and post-modern traditions and spiritually based in heretical dual worship of the Horned Rat and Kenickie B-sides.


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