Legendary UK comics artist

Mike Dorey worked on most of the British boys comics of the 70’s to early 90’s. He had lengthy runs on many classic characters including the defining style on Computer Warrior for Eagle.

In the early years of 2000AD he illustrated Ro-Busters, ABC Warriors, Invasion, Mach 1, Mach Zero, Rogue Trooper and Tharg's Future Shocks, among many others.

In addition to this, he was the artist on Victor Drago in Tornado and Hellman in Action (and then Battle-Action). Future Ball was drawn in the final years of Roy of the Rovers.

In Victor and Warlord he drew Sergeant Rayker, Iron Annie, Wolverine, Cassidy, Howzatt, Tough of the track, Morgyn the Mighty, Head Hunter of the Galaxy and Cadman.

Comrade Bronski and Manta Force were drawn in Eagle.

Some of his work is reproduced by Rebellion in ‘2000AD the Ultimate Collection’ and by Titan books in ‘Tales of Nu-Earth’ featuring Rogue Trooper.

He now works on TV and film storyboards.

Apart from a recent Scottish convention, this is Mike's SECOND EVER CONVENTION, and is a must-see!


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